KB Knight Homeless & Elderly Care 

Part of the KB Knight Foundation 

Be A part of the Change...

 The KB Knight Foundation started with a vision to help end perpetual homelessness in the Atlanta area. Our goal is to provide transportation, housing, and assistance to applicants in distressed situations in the Atlanta area. We intend to stretch our efforts nationwide and with your donations and volunteer efforts, it can become a reality.

Volunteers Needed from all occupations.

KB Knight Foundation has a store for you to purchase items and it is on this website.  We also have another store kbknightfoundationstore.myvolusion.com. These products that you purchase, will aid our foundation in our objective.  Remember ALL PURCHASES  ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  We are 501-c3 certified .  We need  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEMBERS. Rules and regulations  are available upon request.